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CD Duplication & Replication
Crown CD Duplication gives you the results you need at the price and quality that matches your project. CD Replication is a more labor-intensive process that gives the highest-quality sound. For customers with smaller projects, we recommend CD duplication, an economical solution that still provides a quality product.

Our full range of CD services includes the following:
CD Duplication
CD Replication
Retail Ready CD Packages
Slim-Line CD Packages
Cardboard CD Sleeves
CD Eco Wallets

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CD Replication: Replication is the standard used to make mass quantities of CD's. A "glass master" of your information is made. This is then used to produces "stampers," which are used for injection molding the information onto a CD foil. The CD information is then protected by layers of polycarbonate plastic. It is then lacquered, usually screened with artwork, and ultimately packaged.

CD Duplication: Duplication is the standard in which smaller quantities of CD's are usually manufactured. CD-R media is loaded into CD burners. Your information is digitally extracted from your master source (CD-R) and transferred to the blank CD-Rs.

Business Card CDs and Mini CDs: Business Card CDs hold up to 50 MB or 5 min and our 3" Mini CDs hold up to 185 MB or 15 min. Great for storing data in a small, convenient disc.

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